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Hippity Hop!  Easter's on its way!  Imagine the surprise on your child's face when they receive a personalized letter from the Easter Bunny!  Our Easter Bunny Letters are a welcomed surprise before Easter.  In the letter, Peter Cottontail describes the goings-on in Eggville and asks your child to leave out a carrot on Easter Eve.  He praises them for being a good boy or girl too.  Don't forget to order your letter before it's too late!
Our Easter Bunny letter is easy to customize specifically for your child.  Just fill out the questions below in order to populate our Easter Bunny letter template.  The template will be super-imposed onto the letterhead style that you choose.

Print at Home

Be sure to place your order by April 22nd in order to receive your Easter Bunny letter on time!!  Once payment has been received, your Easter Bunny letter will be emailed to you the same day in a PDF format for printing.  These letters require a color printer.


Send via Mail

In order to guarantee delivery before Easter, orders must be placed by April 16th.  Once payment has been received, The Easter Bunny's assistant will print your customized letter on the letterhead style of your choice, place it in a matching Easter Bunny envelope, and mail it to your child.

Donation to Charity
We have partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities to donate $1.00 from every letter to their worthwhile cause.
Have questions?  Need assistance?  Feel free to contact us via the chat button at the top of the webpage.

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