Tooth Fairy Certificate
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Our Tooth Fairy Certificate is a big hit with children!  It's just as easy as our letterhead to create.  Fill out the questions at the bottom of the page in order to populate our Tooth Fairy certificate template.  The template will be super-imposed onto the certificate style that you choose.  We have four different color variations:  Blue, Pink, Purple, and Green.


Print at Home

Once you have completed and paid for your order, your tooth fairy certificate will be generated and emailed to you the same day in a PDF format for printing.  These tooth fairy certificates require a color printer.  Scroll down to get started!


Send via Mail

Once you have completed and paid for your order, The Tooth Fairy's assistant will print your customized certificate on the color template of your choice, place it in The Tooth Fairy's special envelope, and address it to your child.  Certificates are mailed each business day.  Scroll down to get started!

Donation to Charity
We have partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities to donate $1.00 from every letter to their worthwhile cause.


What is your child's name? (Ex: Ginger)
How many teeth has your child lost? *If this is the first tooth, put in 1st.* (2nd, 3rd, 4th)
What is your child's last name? (Ex: Stevens)
What is the day the tooth was lost? (Ex: 12th)
What is the month the tooth was lost? (Ex: September)
What is the year the tooth was lost? (Ex: 2009)
Certificate Color:

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